Thanks to Her is an independently funded feature film that is being shot in Pittsburgh, PA during the summer of 2021. It was written as a thesis project by Samantha Orlowski, her senior year of college because she wanted to see more variety in the way that Sapphic relationships are depicted onscreen. Through a grant from the University of Pittsburgh, she produced a short version of the film, aided by director Samantha McCoy. Since being posted to Youtube in September 2020, the finished short has garnered a passionate fanbase, and well over half a million views. 

Now the writer/director team of Sam Orlowski and Sam McCoy are back to bring the original feature-length script to life. The script tells the story of Millie (AJ Molder), a closeted teenager, who gains confidence and self-acceptance through her budding friendship with Andy (Julia de Avilez Rocha),  an “out and proud” classmate. After an altercation lands them both in community service at a local nursing home, the two girls begin to bond with some of the residents and with each other. It is an intergenerational story about self-acceptance, courage, and friendship that touches the hearts of audiences of all ages and orientations. 

After a successful Kickstarter campaign where they raised over $36,000, the filmmakers are hard at work on the feature, and are excited to share this feature film with the world!